Let the Games begin...

Let the Games begin...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The FTOPS begin tonight and many of the online poker community will be logging on to Full Tilt to play in Event #1 $200+16 Super Stack with a massive $1 Million guaranteed. However playing all these events could be exhausting not to mention a tad expensive...

Obviously the sensible players have been satteliting like mad over the last few weeks, beating a couple of tables and securing their seats in respective events. Being the sensible type that i am, i have managed to qualify for a couple of events of my choice and am very much looking forward to kicking off my campaign in Event #2 tomorrow.

However, sadly, there are only a select few events in which i have considered entering due to the unearthly tournament starting times on offer to us Europeans players. Starting a tournament at 2am is all well and good if you have had an afternoon nap and do not have to be in the office the next morning. But seriously 2am!! Surely more consideration is in order for the countless number of fish that we Europeans provide. It's just not cricket. IT'S GODDAMN BASEBALL!

Anyhow, as a result i have carefully chosen the events i want to play (mainly those starting at a nice and early 7pm BST) and am excited about the debut of the Bluff Bandits - or should i say Bluff Bandit (as Philip 'escalope' Conneller has yet to even log in to Full Tilt let alone qualify for an event)

Come join me, and maybe Philip, as we look to do Bluff Europe proud.

Our Schedule is as follows:

Event #2 - Thursday 6th August @7pm (BST) - $250K Guaranteed $300+22 Hold'em 6-Max Shootout.

Event #8 - Sunday 9th August @7pm (BST) - $750K Guaranteed $240+16 Hold'em 6-Max Knockout.

Event #13 - Tuesday 11th August @7pm (BST) - $200K Guaranteed Hold'em $300+22 Shootout.

Event #20 - Friday 14th August @7pm (BST) - $400K Guaranteed $200+16 Hold'em 6 Max

Event #22 - Saturday 15th August @7pm (BST) - $2 Million Guaranteed $2,500+120 Hold'em 6 Max, 2 Day Event YEAH RIGHT

Event AnteUp - Saturday 15th August @8pm (BST) - $100K Guaranteed $100+20 Hold'em 6 Max FOR CHARITY INNIT

Event #24 - Sunday 16th August @7pm (BST) - $750K Guaranteed $120 Hold'em Knockout

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