Claret Creates a $200k Poker Watch

Claret Creates a $200k Poker Watch

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The poker world is known for having a penchant for excess when it comes to watches, but a recent timepiece by Christophe Claret has threatened to push the boundaries of all that is sane.

After the company spotted what they believed to be a niche in the market, its designers (spearheaded by Claret) set about constructing a watch that's both baller looking and functional.

Known as the Poker Watch, Claret's new accessory allows owners to play poker from the comfort of their own wrist. Forgoing the traditional route of digitising the game, the new watch contains a series of intricate mechanisms which are designed to simulate a real round of Texas Hold'em.

Around the face of the watch are several inset spaces where hole cards and community cards appear. These cards can then be randomly shuffled and controlled by a set of buttons on the side which will deal three hands, a flop, turn and river.

Only 80 poker watches are to be made and it reportedly took two years to perfect the internal technology; however, whether or not anyone is willing to stump up $200,000 for one remains to be seen.

Indeed, if there are any high limit ballers willing to stump up for the watch then we could see the first ever nosebleed games taking place around someone's wrist.

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