Christophe Benzimra Takes Down EPT Warsaw

Christophe Benzimra Takes Down EPT Warsaw

Monday, 26 October 2009

The PokerStars European Poker Tour saw over 200 players take to the tables in Warsaw, Poland, and after a week of tournament action a French entrepeneur named Christophe Benzimra finished top of the field. He collected over 1.4m PLN (£317,000) for besting Alfio Battisti heads-up.

The final table featured some big names, including Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano, who ended up finishing in fourth place after losing most of his stack with AK against AQ all-in before the flop, finishing the job when another queen hit the flop for QT against his A5.

The heads-up battle between Alfio Battisti and Christophe Benzimra saw a lot of big action - the stacks were plenty deep, but that didn't stop chips flying everywhere. Battisti 3-bet a Ac-7c-5c flop with Kc-Tx for all his chips and recieved a quick call from Benzimra holding A7o for top two pair. He faded the clubs to take down the tournament.

The full final table placings and payouts are as follows:

1. Christophe Benzimra - 1,493,170PLN

2. Alfio Battisti - 834,840PLN

3. Oleksandr Vaserfirer - 500,900PLN

4. Luca Pagano - 357,790PLN

5. Ruslan Prydryk - 295,770PLN

6. Clayton Mozdzen - 233,750PLN

7. Alexander Klimashin - 186,050PLN

8. Anatoly Gurtovoy - 133,570PLN

9. Alexander Debus - 85,870PLN

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