Chris Oliver heads PCA Main Event

Chris Oliver heads PCA Main Event

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 3 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event was similar to the previous day in that the players dropped like flies – not quite to the scale of 400 gone in five hours but enough that play ended half an hour early when the target number of 48 survivors was reached. Leading the way by quite some margin is Chris Oliver.

Oliver has over 3.6m on the felt in front of him which puts him in front of Germany’s Max Lehmanski by more than 1.3m – considering the average stack at this stage is a little less than a million, that’s a lot. Oliver got most of his chips in the biggest pot of the tournament thus far, six-bet shoving 7d-5d and beating A-K all-in pre-flop for a 2.2m chip pot. He followed this up by overcoming the odds holding the far more reasonable hand of J-J against K-K.

PokerStars Pro and 2003 WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker is still well in the hunt with more than 1.6m in chips, good for fifth place on the leaderboard. The UK has hope in the shape of Toby Lewis, who has an about average stack of 48BBs when play begins later today with blinds at 10k/20k.

Lewis is, in fact, the only player from the UK still alive in the field so if he busts then we’ll have to cheer for... er, let’s see... Marcio Barbieri of Brazil, why not? GO ON MARCIO!

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