Chris Klodnicki wins Epic Poker Mix Max

Chris Klodnicki wins Epic Poker Mix Max

Monday, 19 December 2011

Chris Klodnicki has won the $20,000 Epic Poker Mix Max event after an, excuse the pun, epic heads up battle. Klodnicki battled his way through the 100 runner field to set up a heads up clash with Andrew 'Luckychewy' Lichtenberger. The unique format of the Mix Max event meant that the pair played a best of three contest, with Klodnicki taking a two to one chip lead into each of the first two matches.

In fact only two of the matches were required with Klodnicki taking the first around 140 hands in when his pocket Kings faded Lichtenberger's flush draw. The stacks were reset for round two with all the chips hitting the middle after just 67 hands. With the blinds at 10,000/20,000 (ante 3,000), Lichtenberger min raised, Klodnicki re-rasied to 110,000, Lichtenberger four-bet to 260,000 with Sloppyklod making it 550,000. Lichtenberger raised again to 750,000 with Klodnicki finally making the call.

Klodnicki was first to act on the 8c7d3d board making it 500,000 to go. Lichtenberger shoved and Klodnicki made the call. Last week's Five Diamond Classic finalist was in good shape with AcKh but needed to fade plenty of outs as Klodnicki tabled Ad4d for the flush draw. Klodnicki missed his flush but the 4c on the turn was good enough to take the hand and with it the title and a first prize of $801,680. Lichtenberger added another $514,480 to his bankroll taking his earnings for the past couple of weeks to almost three quarters of a million dollars.

The top ten money winners were as follows:

1st Chris Klodnicki $801,680
2nd Andrew Lichtenberger $514,480
3rd Joe Tehan $306,800
4th Michael Mizrachi $174,640
5th Scott Clements $89,680
6th Noah Schwartz $89,680
7th Jason Mercier $89,680
8th David Williams $89,680
9th Sorel Mizzi $50,920
10th Amit Makhija $50,920

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