Chinese Taipei win World Cup of Poker VI

Chinese Taipei win World Cup of Poker VI

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It’s not just football that is hosting a World Cup this year. Poker’s equivalent took place towards the end of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas last week with nine countries involved in the finals.

Teams from Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Finland, Norway, Chile, USA and Canada took part in the three-day event with the unlikely combination of Croatia and Chinese Taipei battling it out for the honour of being crowned World Cup winners.

As befitted such a crowd friendly, adrenaline filled event, there was a thrilling finale to proceedings. Croatia’s Denis Keleman pushed his remaining 79,000 into the middle and was called by Taipei’s Wen-Hao Pan with As2s. The flop gave Croatia bottom two pair but Taipei a flush draw. The flush hit on the turn and there was to be no miracle full house on the river for the Croats leaving Taipei to celebrate s surprise win.

"I'm so proud of my team mates," said the team captain, Raymond Wu, who pointed out that some of his team-mates had only been playing poker for a matter of weeks. "I think they think it's just a dream."

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