Cheong Leads Elite WPT Final

Cheong Leads Elite WPT Final

Thursday, 23 May 2013

As the Main Event rumbled on in the background, a select field of 13 players decided to ante up $100,000 to play this year’s WPT World Championship Super High Roller event.

Generating a prizepool of $2,047,500 between them thanks to four players – Jason Mercier, Cary Katz, Erik Seidel and Jean-Noel Thorel – buying in twice, a total of three prizes will be on offer for today’s finalists.

At the top a stack of dollar bills worth $1,023,750 awaits one of the six elite players who finished yesterday’s session with some chips. Leading the way when time was called on proceedings was Joseph Cheong with 1,646,000 chips, just ahead of James Courtney (1,690,000) and Steven Silverman (1,339,000).

Heading into today’s final session with only 10 big blinds apiece is Daniel Perper and Andrew Robl. The short stacked duo found themselves adrift of the day’s final action which saw Cheong and Courtney chip away at Yevgeniy Timoshenko’s stack before the latter sent Timoshenko to the rail in 7th.

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