Chaz Chathha wins Genting Big Game

Chaz Chathha wins Genting Big Game

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The field may have been relatively small for the May edition of the Genting Poker Big Game this Monday but there was still plenty of class on show at the Bluff at the Mint in South Kensington.

Among the two dozen players on view were the likes of Hendon Mobsters Joe Beevers andRoss Boatman, Marbella Kid Paul Zimbler,'s James Dempsey and April's winner Albert Sapiano. None could match Chaz Chattha though who scooped a first prize of £6,500 after agreeing a chop when play went four-handed.

The in the money finishers were as follows:

1st - Chaz Chattha £6,500
2nd - Ergun Macit £6,000
3rd - Joe Beevers £4,500
4th - Philip Souki £4,000
5th - Sam Patel - £1,000
6th - Ross Boatman £1,000
7th - Romano Pizzo £1,000

The next Big Game takes place on Monday June 3rd.

Prior to that, the Genting Club in South Kensington is offering direct qualifiers into Day 2 of the ISPT event at Wembley. £50+£5 Rebuy Qualifiers take place from Monday 27th May to Thursday 30th May with three €3000 seats guaranteed each night.

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