Charity Poker Tournament Begins Tomorrow

Charity Poker Tournament Begins Tomorrow

Friday, 10 July 2009

All poker players in London should consider checking out the Samuel Pepys pub, Cannon Street. Tomorrow the pub will be hosting a £25 charity event - so there's no excuse to miss a day full of poker where you get to give something back too.

Organised by Bubble Poker, the tournament works closely with the Bobby More Cancer Fund and "Gee" who has already raised £4,000 with plans to fly to Brazil to build shelters and provide sports equipment to children. And there we thought the Brazilians were good enough at football already!

The entry fee for the tournament is £25 - £10 of each entry is automatically donated to the Bobby Moore Cancer Fund, while £10 is put in the prizepool and £5 is kept as a headhunter bounty. Each player is worth £5 to knock out.

The tournament itself will be starting at 2.00pm and the starting stack is 5000. The blind levels will start at 25/25 and go up every 20 minutes. On return from the first break in the tournament Bubble Poker will be hosting an auction with various items which will be raising money for the charity - this includes a signed Manchester United shirt and VIP tickets to Madame Tussauds.

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