Charity Boxing Match For Pair

Charity Boxing Match For Pair

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Two of the poker world's best known pros, Brian Rast and Sorel Mizzi, will be swapping chips for boxing gloves later this month in a bid to raise money for charity.

The charity boxing match will consist of four two-minute rounds and is scheduled to take place at 6pm on December 30 at the Syndicate MMA Gym in Las Vegas with all money raised going to the Raising For Effective Giving (REG) charity.

Canadian Mizzi was due to fight Luke Schwartz earlier in the year but this proposed contest never materialised while tickets for the bout against Rast are available for as little as $20. There will also be VIP seats on offer for $80 with all proceeds due to be used by REG in its efforts to promote science and rational decision-making as a way to reduce suffering in the world.

The pre-fight hype may not have quite reached the level of Tyson Fury versus Vladimir Klitschko but Mizzi has taken to Twitter to offer some Rocky-inspired words of wisdom about the forthcoming scrap.

Rast and Mizzi aren't the first professional poker players to swap the felt for the ring. In 2009, Theo Jorgensen came out on top of a bout with Gus Hansen while Bertrand Grospellier traded blows with Lex Veldhuis in a kick-boxing match in 2011.

However, poker's king of the scrappers has to be Canadian Terrence Chan, who won his maiden professional mixed martial arts (MMA) contest in 2012. Despite having a huge height and weight disadvantage, Chan took on Huck Seed in a prop bet wrestling match until security brought the bout to a premature end.

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