Channing and Persaud launch Black Belt Poker

Channing and Persaud launch Black Belt Poker

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

2008 Irish Open champion Neil Channing and Bluff regular Nik Persaud have announced their latest joint venture, a new concept called Described by Persaud as “a Facebook meets training site”, it will feature social networking, mentoring, coaching, boot camps, staking programmes and much more.

With the market for online coaching and strategy getting more and more crowded, Persaud felt that there was a need for a specific UK based poker community. The current sites available he said “are very much US based and whilst excellent, lack a community feel for the UK and Europe. Hence we wanted to deliver something a bit more homegrown.” will also offer a rewards programme along the lines of the belt grading system found in the martial arts. Beginners will start at white belt level with those gaining brown and black belts being offered sponsorship packages worth up to $70,000.

The site is scheduled to go live in the middle of April.

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