Channel 5 Cleared Over Poker Ad

Channel 5 Cleared Over Poker Ad

Thursday, 10 July 2014

UK TV station Channel 5 has been cleared of breaching advertising rules after running gambling ads, including one for Rush Poker, during a programme called 'My Spiral Into Debt'.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 13 complaints from viewers who objected to gambling ads appearing in a programme that featured a person who had lost £70,000 from online gambling.

The ASA failed to uphold the complaints though. “We acknowledged that the ads for online gambling were incongruous with the programme content, but considered the scheduling of those ads around the programme was not irresponsible, or an unsuitable juxtaposition that was likely to cause distress or offence to viewers,” read a statement from the regulator.

Full Tilt Poker said that responsibility for the scheduling of programmes and ads lay solely with the broadcaster adding that they did not request that their ad be scheduled around the programme 'My Spiral into Debt Hell'.

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