Chan and Seed Wrestle at WSOP

Chan and Seed Wrestle at WSOP

Friday, 26 June 2015

Poker and a sometimes MMA fighter, Terrence Chan, decided to enter into the prop betting spirit of the WSOP recently by taking on Huck Seed in a wrestling match.

Unlike the WWE-style wrestling many people may be used to, Chan and Seed actually wrestled for real in an amateur format which meant takedowns and submissions all counted.

According to the details of the bet, Chan had to survive for two minutes, despite giving up one foot in height (5'7" vs. 6'7" for Seed) and around 50lbs in weight. Chan appeared to hold his own in the video released by Pokernews; unfortunately, however, the result remained undetermined.

Both participants had clearly agreed to the bet ahead of time and the action was taking place away from the public, a passing cop decided to play the part of the unwelcome referee and break up the match.

Wielding his power in the most pointless manner possible, the cop forced Seed and Chan to stop fighting and, therefore, leave the bet unfinished.

As yet it's unclear whether the two players will lock horns again this summer and continue their match for $50,000, but it would certainly be interesting to see which pro can come out on top if they do.

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