Chad Brown's Cancer Update

Chad Brown's Cancer Update

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

PokerStars pro Chad Brown has been suffering from the effects of liposarcoma cancer for a few years now but in the last few days he's found it necessary to blog about his current condition.

Despite staying positive and continuing to play poker, the signs of stress are starting to show and during a recent tournament outing it was clear he'd lost a lot of weight.

In an effort to give concerned parties more information, Chad wrote that he has so far undergone five surgeries, various forms of chemotherapy as well as a number of other treatments to try and beat the cancer. However, as it stands, he's now been left to sweat the development of a new drug.

Although some might feel that his chances of survival are fading, Chad believes that his circumstances are best described in poker terms.

In an effort to describe his illness, Chad said the "swings" of cancer are much like the swings in poker and so far he's made all the "correct plays".

Whether things go his way or not he said he's happy that he's done everything in his power to beat the cancer and if variance goes his way then he'll be happy. However, regardless of what happens, he'll continue to remain positive.

We of course wish him well.

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