Celebrate Power Up with Bluff Europe

Celebrate Power Up with Bluff Europe

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

PokerStars launched its new Power Up online poker variant late last year and Bluff Europe is running a special competition that is set to reward aficionados with some limited-edition prizes.

Power Up is a three-player version of no-limit hold’em sit-and-go online poker featuring buy-in stakes of $0.25, $1, $3, $7 and $15. It also allows competitors to utilize nine game-changing special powers including Disintegrate, which will destroy an opponent’s hole cards, as well as fourteen specially-designed avatars and unique graphics that have been created to bring every game to life through the use of immersive visual and audio effects.

The latest PokerStars innovation additionally comes complete with the Scanner power where players can see what card is to be dealt next alongside the X-Ray faculty to spy on a competitor’s down cards.

“Power Up is an innovative new variant of online poker that combines the competitiveness and strategy of traditional poker with the thrills and excitement of modern video games through the addition of nine game-changing powers,” read a statement from Bluff Europe. “Learn more about Power Up on the PokerStars website or by watching a special YouTube video”.

To mark the launch of Power Up, Bluff Europe is running a random prize draw that is set to reward one lucky online poker fan with PokerStars-branded Bluetooth wireless headphones in addition to a solar charger, a wireless mouse and a card protector. A second participant is to be gifted with the branded headphones and the solar charger while a third will pocket just the innovative wireless mouse and a card protector.

To enter the random draw, Bluff Europe stated that poker fans should e-mail its Editor at BluffEditor@Hotmail.com before the end of March 20 answering the question ‘in which Spanish city will the PokerStars Festival be held this August’ with the possible answer being either Madrid, Barcelona or Seville.

“Send your answer to BluffEditor@Hotmail.com or ping us a private message on our Facebook page and we will we will pick three winners at random from our over-sized hat,” read the statement from Bluff Europe. “Players can also watch Power Up in action and learn heaps of strategic tips every week by tuning in to watch OP Poker on Twitch every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm London time. This promotion is subject to Bluff Europe’s terms and conditions. Prizes will be shipped anywhere providing the cost of delivery does not exceed £50 ($69/€55).”

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