Cates extends lead in Durrrr Challenge

Cates extends lead in Durrrr Challenge

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The long hiatus in the Durrrr Challenge appears to be over with Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates getting down to regular business over the past few weeks.

The pair clashed once again last night and the result was a depressingly familiar one for Dwan who saw Jungleman12 extend his lead, this time by almost $39k.

The session started well for Durrrr who jumped into a $111,000 lead, largely thanks to picking off Jungleman12's bluff and calling with 10s-7s on 7c-Jh-Kd-9s-6h board. Dwan's luck was out later on though when both players flopped a set of 8s. Cates' Jack kicker played both times they ran the river giving him a $101,593 pot.

Overall, Jungleman12's lead now stands at over $1.2m.

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