Cates and Rast in High Stakes Showdown

Cates and Rast in High Stakes Showdown

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Online high stakes showdowns are becoming all too common at the moment. Indeed, with “durrrr” taking on “Isildur1” and other pros such as Isaac “Ike” Haxton crushing people at the virtual felt it would be nice to see some live battles.

Thankfully that wish looks set to become true as The Dover Downs poker room has just announced that Dan “Jungleman” Cates will take on Brian “Tsarrast” Rast on February 1st. According to the announcement, Cates and Rast will each bring $100,000 to the table and battle at limits of $100/$200 until the other is felted.

The battle will certainly be an interesting one as few would argue that Cates has the advantage when it comes to online pedigree. However, Rast is equally adept at both online and live play, something which could swing the match in his favour.

Indeed, when you compare the player’s respective live scores it’s Rast that has the upper hand with $4,568,901 in winning compared to Cates’ $309,085 haul.

As yet there is no news of whether or not the match will be filmed or streamed via the internet, but already the 2+2 crowd are looking forward to what could be an extremely interesting tussle.

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