Casino scammers caught using invisible ink

Casino scammers caught using invisible ink

Friday, 14 October 2011

Four men have been arrested in the south of France on suspicion of scamming a casino using a marked deck of cards and infra red glasses.

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, the alleged scammers marked the deck with invisible ink that was only visible if wearing the special glasses. With the help of an accomplice believed to be working for the casino, the gang planted the marked deck at a poker table, donned the aforementioned glasses and knowing exactly what hands had been dealt, proceeded to win over €60,000.

Casino staff were suspicious though and raised the alarm with police who kept the group under surveillance on their next visit. After a sting operation, three Italians and a Frenchman were arrested.

"The casino was baffled at how these men could beat the dealer so easily again and again," said a spokesman for the French police. "It was only after they were arrested and their glasses were analysed that we realised they knew what every card was just by looking at the back of it."

Police believe the gang may have scammed other casinos in the area using the same technique.

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