Casino Copenhagen Chief Angered by Accusations

Casino Copenhagen Chief Angered by Accusations

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The marketing chief at Casino Copenhagen, Erik Jensen, is furious about claims made by Swedish poker pro Micke Norinder about the EPT Copenhagen and the dealers at Casino Copenhagen.

Norinder said the EPT Copenhagen is one of the worst events in the tour and accused the casino's staff of going too far in demanding tips from players. According to the Swede, his friend won a big sum at roulette and said he would tip when he finished playing, only if he finished a winner. According to Norinder, the guards made sure he finished a winner by escorting him out. In addition, Norinder claims that some dealers at cash tables would not deal the next hand until adequate tips were delivered.

"That is a pure lie," says Jensen to Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet. "We simply could not operate that way.

"We would never tolerate that kind of behaviour.” Jensen explained the fact that the staff's pay at Casino Copenhagen consists mostly of tips is a necessity brought on by their extremely expensive operating license. "We would go out of business if we paid big salaries, so the staff must collect tips," he claims to

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