Cash giveaway as PokerStars celebrates 65 billionth hand

Cash giveaway as PokerStars celebrates 65 billionth hand

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

PokerStars will be dealing its 65 billionth hand in the near future and is giving players the opportunity to win plenty of cash in celebration.

Prizes will be awarded every millionth hand from hands 64.7 billion to 65 billion with every player involved in the so-called Milestone Hands bagging at least $50 plus $50 for every VPP they earned in the preceding 50 hands.

For example, a player dealt into hand 64,742,000,000 who earned 24 VPPs in the 31 preceding hands would receive: $50 + (24 x $50) = $1,250. In addition, whichever player goes on to win the hand has their prize money doubled.

Prizes will be even bigger for the 65 billionth hand aka the Mega Milestone with the cash awarded multiplied by ten. The winner of the Mega Milestone hand will also see his prize doubled as well as bagging a $65,000 bonus.

The hand counter currently stands at 64,778,885,205 so it shouldn't be too long until the next prize hits.

Be in with a chance of scooping a prize at PokerStars with a 100% bonus up to $500. PokerStars.

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