Cantu vs. Aguiar: It’s On

Cantu vs. Aguiar: It’s On

Friday, 2 November 2012

After beating Brandon Cantu for a bracelet in WSPOE’s No Limit Hold’em Mixed Max Event, Jonathan Aguiar may have thought that the battling was over. However, after Cantu let out an impassioned rant to PokerNews reporter Sarah Grant about his treatment during the tournament, a heads-up grudge match was eventually formed.

With Cantu claiming he could have easily beaten Aguiar if it wasn’t for the floor ruling in his opponent’s favour on multiple occasions, the two eventually agreed to settle the dispute with a one-off match. With the remainder of the money on the line the pair went away to discuss the details and in the last 24 hours Mr. Aguiar has confirmed the match will take place on Wednesday.

Posting a picture of the bracelet and some casino chips on Twitter, Aguiar wrote the simple message: “come and get it”. The post prompted a host of replies asking if the bracelet was also going to be up for grabs but, unfortunately, Aguiar later confirmed that he’d already promised it to his grandmother.

The $130,000 match will take place at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas and judging from the Twitter reaction, there will be a number of high profile pros lining the rail to catch a glimpse of this one. Will Aguiar crumble under the pressure? Or will Cantu be sent on another rant about how bad luck is the only thing stopping him from ruling the world.

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