Canadian Poker Dealers Win Lotto

Canadian Poker Dealers Win Lotto

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

They change the fortunes of poker players on a daily basis but a group of dealers from Montreal saw their luck turn earlier this week following a major lottery win.

The company of ten poker dealers all work alongside each other at the Casino De Montreal and managed to scoop the Maxmillions jackpot from Loto-Quebec.

After purchasing a total of 30 tickets for the lottery on Friday evening, the group of co-workers and friends later discovered that one of their picks had netted the CAD$1 million ($746,408) jackpot. With some of the group working and others at home in bed, a series of frantic phone calls rang out across Montreal at 3am on Saturday morning as the group shared the good news.

Once the sun had risen and the reality of winning had set in, the group took some time to celebrate before contemplating their next moves. Although the CAD$100,000 ($74,647) split might not be enough for them to cash in their poker chips and retire, the win should provide enough of a bankroll boost to improve each winner's life.

One of the winners, Carina Kingsbury, stated that she will use her funds to pay off some debts while revealing the special feeling of sharing her win with friends.

"You're sharing with other people that you work with and it's kind of like sharing a bottle of wine alone or sharing it with a bunch of friends," said Kingsbury.

"Even if you have less, you're with good people and I think it makes it even more special."

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