Can You Guess the new PokerStars Pro?

Can You Guess the new PokerStars Pro?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

With the recent departure of a few familiar faces, PokerStars' roster of pros is in need of some new blood. Having scoured the poker world for a suitable replacement for the likes of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, they PR team at PokerStars believe they’ve found someone worth shouting about.

However, while they are keen to let the poker public know they have a new player representing their brand; they aren’t as keen to unveil him. For the time being the latest new face of the company will be shrouded in mystery and only be revealed after a series of clues have been released.
Indeed, never ones to miss an opportunity to give away some money, PokerStars are putting up $2,500 for whoever can guess the player’s identity before they present him to the world. In total 50 players will get a chance to claim one of the $50 prizes on offer, simply by guessing correctly.

The first clue was released yesterday and a further clue will be released later on today. When people have an idea of how they think it might be they are required to follow PokerStars’ Team Online Twitter page, then @tweet them with their answer in the following way:

“I'm (insert PS Username here) on @PokerStars, and I think the new @PSTeamOnline member is (Insert the PS Username or Real Name of your guess here) #GuessTeamOnline”

Yesterday’s clue came courtesy of Randy “nanonoko” Lew and we established that the new signing is male, is good at cash games and tournaments, and had a deep run at the PCA this year.

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