California Tribe Launches Real Money Gaming Site

California Tribe Launches Real Money Gaming Site

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A new real money bingo site has just launched in California and it's possible that poker could follow.

Earlier this year the Nation of Santa Ysabel, a Californian tribe, announced that it would be launching a real money online gaming site from its tribal base in the state.

Following a soft-launch period during which free play games were offered, online gamers can now purchase real money bingo cards up to a value of $1. One of the ways the company appears to be bypassing US federal law is by running its client through a VPN which means "at no time is live bingo game action performed by the user."

“With states like Nevada, NewJersey and Delaware already implementing online gaming, our VPNAPS technology is an anticipated next step for an industry in high demand,” said Joe Valandra, CEO of Great Luck LLC and member of the RosebudSioux Tribe of South Dakota.

“This technology will play a critical role in transforming the gaming landscape, bringing a myriad of games, starting with Class II bingo, to a whole new generation of enthusiasts. We look forward to announcing more licensing agreements with more Sovereign Nations in the very near future.”

According to a report at, real money online poker could follow bingo.

While it remains to be seen how the site performs and if it becomes the victim of a DOJ shutdown, it does seem to be the case that the US will have at least one new online gaming site in operation for the time being.

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