California Moves Closer to iGaming Regulation

California Moves Closer to iGaming Regulation

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

US igaming could be heading for a shake-up after California's Assemblyman, Mike Gatto, told Pokernews that has new online poker bill could be the one that gets approval in his State.

Submitted on Tuesday and designed to solve some of the challenges Californian legislators have faced thus far, Gatto's bill appears to be a more universally version of a previously written piece.

Talking to Pokernews, Gatto said:

"I think we have a proposal that can unite all the various groups that were not previously united. We have a lot of the same language from last year, but what I think makes our bill special is a regime for weeding out money laundering, guaranteeing foot traffic to casinos and expanding the number of parties who will be able to participate in the marketplace."

In order to help ensure live casinos in California benefit from an igaming industry, Gatto's bill states that a new player's initial deposit must be made in person at the virtual platform's connected venue. On top of this, withdrawals over a certain amount (as yet undetermined) will have to be made via the casino's cashiers' cage.

As well as giving more potential business to live casino in California, the reworked section of the bill is decided to address concerns about underage gambling. Essentially, Gatto's igaming bill has been designed to make the business viable for everyone.

"I've always been a fair legislator, and we'll work with a lot of different participants. This is an opportunity for everybody to make lots of money," Gatto told Pokernews.

One online gaming company that's poised to enter the California igaming market when it eventually goes live is Pala Interactive. The Jim Ryan-led company recently went live in New Jersey and recently told that it will be ready to go live in the State once legislation is passed:

"With the successful California-based Pala Casino Resort brand as an asset, we feel we are well positioned for success should the state adopt igaming legislation," Pala's Jeremy Clemons said.

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