Cake Poker awards pot to losing hand; Lee Jones takes charge

Cake Poker awards pot to losing hand; Lee Jones takes charge

Friday, 5 February 2010

There were shockwaves on the Two Plus Two forums as a thread was started by a player at Doyle’s Room who claimed to have been in a hand where a pot was awarded to a losing hand. Turns out, it wasn’t a novice Omaha player misreading the hole cards either.

In the hand at $0.02/$0.04 NL, Ah-Qs and Kh-Kd got all the money in pre-flop. A 4c-4h-8h-6h-9h board put a bad beat on the Kings… but gave that player the pot anyway. The thread quickly built in volume but Lee Jones, the current Cake Poker manager and the man who made PokerStars what it is today, quickly stepped in.

“We have installed the extra logging/monitoring code,” Lee Jones said after Cake experienced half an hour of downtime. “If there is some clear conclusion about the cause of the perfect storm, then yes, we'll provide some explanation of it. We might not take it down to the technical level, mostly because to explain the entire set of circumstances would probably take three pages, be Greek to 99.99% of the readers, and only result in a bunch of "tl;dr" responses. But if there is some kind of further information that's relevant and useful to this community, I assure you that we'll share it.”

Jones also said that any Cake Poker players who believe they have been involved in a mis-awarded pot can send the hand history to support and will be awarded $500. As far as we know, though, this is just one slip in the 1.7m hands dealt per day on the popular network.

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