Caesars Palace fined over gambler's table dance

Caesars Palace fined over gambler's table dance

Monday, 30 August 2010

We know that this story isn't directly related to poker but it did make us chuckle a bit here at Bluff Europe Towers. Regulators in Nevada have fined Caesars Palace Casino for failing to protect the game and its patrons. That sounds very serious but in fact it relates to an overexcited punter awakening his inner John Travolta.

The $250,000 fine was levelled after the casino allowed a gambler to cavort on a card table during a game. The high stakes gambler danced on the table while playing at the venue last October. According to regulators the unnamed punter, “climbed onto the baccarat table from his chair, walked on his baccarat table and placed baccarat wagers before returning to stand on his chair and eventually sitting”.

The Nevada regulator judged that the casino's security staff should have stopped him from behaving in such a manner and dished out the quarter of a million dollar penalty.

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