Caesars Palace Removes Cash Play

Caesars Palace Removes Cash Play

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Las Vegas cash game scene is currently undergoing a complete transformation as major venues move away from at-the-table money transactions and towards chip-only play. Following a string of casinos removing money play, including the MGM, Station Casino, the Wynn and the Venetian, Caesars Palace has followed suit.

Heeding the advice of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), the casino has decided to stop players using dollars bills to place bets at the poker table. Pointing to security issues surrounding the use of cash at the table, the casino sent out a press release on Friday announcing that the changes would take place immediately.

For many local players, there was hope that Caesars would avoid implementing this policy. Although playing with chips is common for most people, many pros are used to sitting down with cash and playing with a mixture of both; especially during high stakes sessions.

However, all this will now have to change as players will need to exchange their notes for chips before sitting down to play.

While some grinders will be unimpressed with the changes, others will be pleased that the majority of casinos in Vegas are now following this route. Using cash at the table has not only been seen as a security risk for the venue, but for players as the use of notes makes it easier for unscrupulous grinders to rat hole (taking money off the table without permission), misrepresent their stack and even steal from others.

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