Cabbie drives away with GUKPT Walsall

Cabbie drives away with GUKPT Walsall

Monday, 2 May 2011

London cabbie Alan Mansbridge has driven away with a bumper fare of £50,000 after taking the latest GUKPT event in Walsall over the weekend.

At one point on the penultimate day Mansbridge was left nursing the short stack but staged a remarkable comeback which culminated in a heads up triumph over Martin Holmes.

“I hadn’t booked a hotel – I wasn’t expecting to make it,” admitted the soft-spoken winner, as he was waiting to collect his cash. Mansbridge outlasted a 172-runner field that included the likes of Praz Bansi, Simon Deadman and Danny Toffel.

1 Alan Mansbridge £50,000
2 Martin Holmes £34,830
3 Simon Deadman £21,930
4 Danny Toffel £13,330
5 Nick Hicks £10,320
6 Ryan Spittles £8,170
7 Benjamin Jenkins £6,450
8 Adrian Eley £4,730
9 Craig Burgess £3,440

Dundee and Brighton will be hosting GUKPT Summer Series events from 11th to 15th May. Qualifiers are up and running at G Casino.

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