Busquet Challenges Team Negreanu

Busquet Challenges Team Negreanu

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Following Daniel Negreanu’s challenge to Gus Hansen yesterday, Olivier Busquet is now trying to get in on the action with a proposal of his own.

Having heard Daniel ask Gus for a heads-up shootout, Busquet tweeted at the former asking: “Hey @RealKidPoker any chance I could pick a team to play the winner, give some HU SNG regs a shot at glory? We might even give u odds....”
While there might have been a slight hint of sarcasm in Busquet’s tweet, the offer seems sincere and could certainly produce an interesting follow-up to Daniel’s match.

Daniel answered the tweet by saying: “@olivierbusquet ha I like it! We shall see :-)”

Who knows, maybe this recent of challenges will develop into a new trend in the poker world and create an exciting new level of high stakes action.

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