Busquet Breaks Down "T-Shirtgate"

Busquet Breaks Down

Friday, 29 August 2014

It's been dubbed "t-shirtgate" by some, but for Olivier Busquet it was nothing more than a message to the poker community.

Having caused a stir at EPT Barcelona for wearing a t-shirt that said "Save Gaza", Busquet recently appeared on the Thinking Poker podcast to explain his outfit.

After initially admitting that his partner usually chooses his outfits, Busquet confirmed that it was his good friend, Daniel Colman, who persuaded him to don the politically inspired attire.

Despite admitting that he's not that knowledgeable about the Israel conflict, Busquet believes that the "Save Gaza" and "Free Palestine" logos were useful tools to highlight an important issue.

Aside from highlighting a humanitarian plight, Busquet's main reason for donning the t-shirts was a "specific attempt to inject some politics into the poker world".

Indeed, the lack of active interest in politics from the poker community is something Busquet sees as "part of the problem" and, while he respects PokerStars' decision to ban such t-shirts at future events, he feels that players should have a voice when it comes to world issues.

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