Bumhunters Reportedly Banned from Palm Beach

Bumhunters Reportedly Banned from Palm Beach

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

According to a report, as many as 35 players have been banned from playing poker inside London's Palm Beach Casino. Following an initial forum post last week by 'Popetman' which outlined his assumed version of the incident, a number of fellow Palm Beach players have backed up the claim that a large group of players were banned for underhand tactics.

During their post, 'Popetman' asks almost as many questions as he throws out claims, but the main flow of his post asserts that up to 35 players were banned from the £5/£10 game. After some semi-confident replies from people confirming the story, 'BigAisaOK' chimed in and stated that the story was "true" but the ban wasn't because of "cheating."

However, what he did say was that the people banned had been caught short stacking and bumhunting on multiple occasions. This process of targeting regs, taking money from them before hitting and running is something the casino wasn't willing to accept.

Despite being something of a common practice online, albeit a strategy that many players frown on, the Palm Beach wasn't happy with the group's strategy and reportedly decided to ban the players for ruining the experience of the casino's regulars.

Following the statement by 'BigAisaOK', a host of posters confirmed that they'd seen something similar in the Palm Beach as well as the Vic. As yet the suspicions haven't been confirmed by the Palm Beach and there are no indications that the story is true.

However, given the eyewitness accounts of events, the latest forum posts do seem to suggest that at least one London casino is taking a stand against live bumhunters.

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