Bubble bursts at EPT London – James Mitchell leads

Bubble bursts at EPT London – James Mitchell leads

Monday, 3 October 2011

With just 62 of the 691 starters still standing (or should that be sitting) it's local lad James Mitchell who is the man to beat at EPT London. The 2010 Irish Open champion closed the day on 1,071,500 thanks in large part to hitting a set against Nikolas Liakos' pocket kings just before the close

The Wimbledon youngster showed courage and judgement in abundance earlier in the day too, making a great call with ace high when his tournament life was on the line. That 600,000 pot put Mitchell well on the road to recovery and he didn't look back from there.

Joining Mitchell at the top of the chip counts are young Frenchman Basile Yaiche, Sandor Bemjan and Matthijs Remie with Martins Adeniya, Sam MacDonald and Benjamin Jenkins flying the flag for the Brits.

Doyle Brunson's EPT London odyssey drew to a close but the 78-year-old did have a cash for his efforts. Joining Dolly on the rail but in the money were the likes of Toby Lewis, Tony Cascarino, Andrew Feldman, Rob Angood, Keith Hawkins and Jamie Burland.

There is still a chance that we could see a first ever double EPT winner with Roberto Romanello, Salvatore Bonavena and Joao Barbosa amongst the survivors going into day 4.

The action resumes at noon tomorrow when the 62 remaining players will be whittled down to 24. Join us then.

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