Brunson on “the old days”

Brunson on “the old days”

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thankfully, events like the armed robbery at EPT Berlin in 2010 are exceedingly rare. It wasn't always that way though, with the threat of a big gun pointing in your face often a danger for the high stakes players of yesteryear.

Doyle Brunson has taken to his blog, recounting the five times that he has been robbed at gunpoint while playing poker. In the first of the series, Dolly recounts the time he, then aged 24, and best pal Sailor Roberts were robbed by a gang masquerading as policemen during a low ball session in Fort Worth, Texas. Roberts was particularly unimpressed with the armed intervention and according to Brunson, started “cursing them and refused to give them his money”. He ended up getting hit in the face with a pistol and lost one of his front teeth for his trouble.

It wasn't just all our yesteryears on Brunson's blog though as the 78-year-old revealed that the live cash action in Vegas is really starting to warm up, so much so that he's playing 9-10 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more great old school poker tales be sure to check out the Texas Poker Wisdom series by esteemed poker historian Johnny Hughes.

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