Brunson on 'best heater' he's had for years

Brunson on 'best heater' he's had for years

Friday, 20 July 2012

Who says that poker is a young man's game? Doyle Brunson may be approaching 80 but that hasn't stopped him from putting in some marathon sessions at the high stakes cash tables and according to his latest blog, those 14-hour days are bearing some very bountiful fruit.

Brunson wrote that he has been enjoying 'the best “heater” that I’ve had for years' and given how profitable his career has been it's safe to assume he's been coining it in. Brunson also wrote about his uneventful 2012 WSOP experience and how good Phil Hellmuth (“perhaps now he will get the respect he deserve”) and Vanessa Selbst are (“not only the best female player in the world she is one of the top poker players, male or female”).

He also recalled how his mobility scooter jinx had continued after losing his third at the WSOP and a potentially dangerous incident at Bellagio where a youngster was suspected of planning an armed robbery of a high stakes game. Brunson asked whether he would be allowed to get his gun and keep playing. They of course said no, the game broke up and Doyle left. “I didn’t like the idea of being a sitting duck for some nut case.” Brunson wrote

You can read the full blog here.

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