Brunson Waves Goodbye to WSOP

Brunson Waves Goodbye to WSOP

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Despite having one of the most impressive WSOP CVs in the poker world, Doyle Brunson has finally given into the pressures of time and won’t be taking part in any WSOP tournaments this year.

Having collected ten bracelets between 1976 and 2005, including two Main Event titles, Doyle has found the demands of modern events increasingly tough to meet.

Indeed, over the past few years he has gradually scaled back the number of tournaments he’s taken part in, opting to play just four in 2012.

The news came via a tweet in which Brunson wrote: “Afraid I am finally gonna give in to Father Time and pass on tournament play at WSOP. #toomanyhours.”

However, while he many not play any MTTs, It’s unlikely that Doyle will go into hibernation during the Series. He’s still a regular in the largest cash games Las Vegas has to offer and when the games start this summer he’ll no doubt be contesting some of the biggest pots on offer.

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