Brits Busts All During WPT SA Finale

Brits Busts All During WPT SA Finale

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The World Poker Tour's latest jaunt to South Africa came to a glittering conclusion for Daniel Brits last night after he took down the festival's Main Event title and $132,128. Coming into the finale after three days of poker with a healthy stack - but one that was still somewhat shorter than Eugene du Plessis - Brits was able to keep his cool during the early stages of the match.

Indeed, with Ronit Chamani, Wesley Wiegand and Rob Fenner all nursing short stacks, the opening level saw a slew of all-ins and after the debris had cleared only Fenner was able to emerge unscathed.

With Chamani and Wiegand watching from the rail, it was fan favourite and last year's champion, Dominik Nitsche, who was next to fall. Despite being the final table's most experienced player, Nitsche couldn't find a slice of luck after moving all-in with Ad Jd against Brits' As Qd. As the board rolled out Kd Jc 8c Tc Kc, Nitsche raised a smile before heading to the cashiers' desk to collect his $44,136 consolation prize.

Now that the champion trophy was destined to find a new home the action at the felt began to heat up and caught up in the crossfire was the once resurgent Rob Fenner. Although the poker gods had smiled on him earlier in the day, Fenner was unable to parlay his luck into a WPT titale and eventually hit the rail after his failed flush draw couldn't overcome du Plessis' pair of sevens.

With the finale down to two players it was Brits who held the chip lead over du Plessis, but it would be three hours before a winner was crowned. In what would become a war of attrition between the two players, the chip lead swapped hands on a number of occasions but by the time the final bet was made it was Brits who triumphed.

The final hand saw du Plessis move all-in with Jd 7d on a Qd 7s 2d flop, but after Brits called with Qs 8d and the 9c and Qc completed the board he became the latest recipient of a WPT trophy.

WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic Final Result:
1 Daniel Brits $132,128
2 Eugene du Plessis $92,708
3 Rob Fenner $59,634
4 Dominik Nitsche $44,136
5 Wesley Wiegand $33,130
6 Ronit Chamani $26,504

Image courtesy of the World Poker Tour.

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