British Poker Awards winners 2011 – how did I do? [Editorial]

British Poker Awards winners 2011 – how did I do? [Editorial]

Friday, 9 September 2011

Obviously I’m not asking how I did in the British Poker Awards. Obviously, I was shamefully overlooked, despite very possibly being the Best Cash Player, Best Blogger, Best Social Media User and hell, why not, the Best Contribution to Poker as well. I was robbed. However, several people did win. You may recall about a month ago I attempted to predict the results with my own in-depth, insider knowledge. How did that go?

Best International Player
I picked: Phil Hellmuth
You picked: Jason Mercier
Conclusion: Well, yeah, Jason Mercier is clearly a better poker player than Phil Hellmuth in any discipline of the game. However, I figured that people have short memories and Hellmuth had an amazing WSOP with three runner-up spots in three of the toughest events. However, since Mercier is the better player I can’t argue with this one #whenwillitend

Best Cash Player
I picked: Sam Trickett
You picked: Sam Trickett
Conclusion: Ship it! One-for-two. It was a pretty forgone conclusion for this category, especially after Trickett started making £400k bluffs and winning millions in Macau. His only real stiff competition in this category came from Ashby, and as you see he is favoured in the next one.

Best Mixed Game Player
I picked: Richard “Chufty” Ashby
You picked: Richard “Chufty” Ashby
Conclusion: Two out of three. That’s a bingo! Obviously, Chufty destroys mixed game tournaments and there’s no reason to think he doesn’t do the same on the cash tables. Just look at his 2011, alone – a final table at the $10k 2-7 Single Draw and the $10k Omaha 8 at the WSOP plus a win at the Aussie Millions 8-Game. Proof, if any were needed.

Best PLO Player
I picked: Ben Grundy
You picked: JP Kelly
Conclusion: You’re all idiots. How many PLO cashes are there on JP Kelly’s Hendon Mob database page? Go check, I’ll wait. Six? OK, that’s more than I thought. But still, has JP Kelly routinely killed heads-up Omaha games online for years? Has he posted graphs showing over $7m in winnings in less than 500k hands? Is he Ben mo’f***in’ Grundy? No? Then he shouldn’t have won this. You guys suck, I was on a real streak!

Best Tournament Player
I picked: Chris Moorman
You picked: Jake Cody
Conclusion: Sigh. Well, fair enough. I’m not going to argue that Jake Cody isn’t deserving of this award, though Chris Moorman is Chris Moorman and you really can’t understate that. I suppose achieving the Triple Crown and taking down possibly the toughest heads-up event ever assembled is worthy of admiration. I’m now 2/5 on predictions.

Best Social Media User
I picked: Daleroxxu
You picked: Vicky Coren
Conclusion: I’m giving myself half a point for this because I mentioned Vicky in my prediction, and to be honest I only voted for Dale because Scottish people frighten me. Vicky doesn’t frighten me, she’s lovely. 2.5/6.

Best Online Player
I picked: Chris Moorman
You picked: Chris Moorman
Conclusion: Boom! Incidentally, this category was missing Gavin Cochrane. He plays as gavz-101 on PokerStars and kills the $25/$50 etc. games. However, given that he’s not there, Moorman is the obvious choice. Dude kills online tournaments. 3.5/7

Best Contribution to Poker
I picked: Simon Trumper
You picked: John Duthie
Conclusion: No arguments here. EPT head honcho Duthie has pioneered one of the most successful and well-run poker tours of all time. Don’t worry, Simon – keep doing what you’re doing and you’ve locked this one up for future years.

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