Brian Townsend Shooting for the Big Mixed Games

Brian Townsend Shooting for the Big Mixed Games

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Brian “sbrugby” Townsend, Full Tilt Poker red pro and CardRunners instructor, took the time in his blog on the former site to reflect on the past year – it has been, he noted, almost 12 months since his red pro status at Full Tilt was taken away for multi-accounting.

“I have to admit that last year at this time I was at the lowest point of my poker career,” he confesses. “I couldn't win at PLO for the life of me. I had a breakeven year and before that breakeven stretch I went on the biggest downswing of my life. As far as my poker career, I was at the lowest of the low.”

He then set himself a challenge – to grow his bankroll from $100,000 playing PLO. In the last 11 months he claims to have won over $2.5m, $2m of that in 2009 alone.

“The past 4-5 months I was playing the nosebleeds and did incredibly well, grinding from 25/50 up to 300/600,” he said, before speculating that, should his run continue, 2009 would be his best year ever.

Now, he says, he wants to focus on the Mixed Games. He feels he has achieved all he can in NLHE and PLO and wants to become “a more complete” poker player:

“The best poker players in the world don't just play one form of poker HU and that’s all they specialize in,” he wrote. “They can play every game well HU or ring. I have always aspired to be this type of poker player and learn different games such as LHE and PLO.”

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