Brian Townsend Admits To Using Multiple Accounts

Brian Townsend Admits To Using Multiple Accounts

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The issue of multi-accounting is one which has blighted online poker for several years. While those who play in tournaments under more than one account, giving themselves more than one shot are those chastised most severely, holding more than one account is generally a poker ‘no-no’. That makes Brian Townsend’s confession of just that all the more surprising.

Writing on his Cardrunners blog, the pro detailed how he had been playing under other aliases in the past six months, motivated by wanting to play anonymously on the lower levels. The blog gives the names of the accounts, and also contains an apology to those at Full Tilt and Cardrunners, both of whom Townsend has business relations with, as well as the whole online community.

The blog can be found here, and while the controversy is the last thing either online poker or Brian Townsend needed, a certain amount of credit should be given to the open way in which the young pro has tried to address it.

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