Brian Hawkins Wins Bluff Online Challenge

Brian Hawkins Wins Bluff Online Challenge

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Bluff online poker challenge, in which a collection of online pros were pitted against each other, has been comprehensively won by Brian “SnoOowman” Hawkins.

The challenge involved spinning up a bankroll – starting with $200, the pros had exactly one month to make as much money as possible without losing their $200 deposit. Hawkins wound up with an astonishing total bankroll of $25,066.74.

"Brian's performance in the challenge was phenomenal. He proved himself to be a world class player and we're going to be proud to feature him on the cover of an upcoming issue," said the publisher of BLUFF Magazine, Eric Morris.

Brian Hawkins and Garrett Beckman will receive a buy-in for a future Dream Team Poker event for having finished first and second.

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