Brent Roberts Wins WSOP Circuit Event

Brent Roberts Wins WSOP Circuit Event

Thursday, 18 December 2008

It’s not quite Vegas and it’s not quite the WSOP. However, we’ll take whatever we can get in this interim period between major tournaments and besides, from Brent ‘Astrolux85’ Roberts’s point of view, $280,940 is $280,940.

With this victory, the 23-year-old New Yorker adds a Circuit championship to a resume that already includes a WSOP final table, a Full Tilt Online Poker Series title and several other big cashes.

It only took a few hands for Roberts to eliminate his opponent in the heads-up stage, Phillip Reed winning $147k for his efforts. Reed raised pre-flop with Qd-Jd and Roberts called. The flop came down 9c-8d-Ks and Roberts checked. Reed lead out and Roberts check-raised only to see Reed announce “all.” That’s as far as he got anyway as Roberts instantly called with 9d-8s for a flopped two pair. He faded a T on the turn and river to take down the tournament.

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