Brandon Cantu to play Jon Aguiar in $130,000 SNG

Brandon Cantu to play Jon Aguiar in $130,000 SNG

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Following the somewhat controversial conclusion to yesterday’s WSOPE Mix Max event, Brandon Cantu has challenged Jonathan Aguiar to play a $130,000 heads up contest.

Cantu was runner-up to Aguiar in the €10k tournament and was unhappy with the result to say the least, feeling that he was “robbed".

The American took to Twitter to register his displeasure at how the tournament was hosted following its untimely suspension in the early hours of Friday morning.

“That's the most robbed I have ever been in a match... When you play 6 hrs of grueling heads up action that was maybe the greatest performance I have ever put on and to be told we won't play it the next day after 16 hours and 5 days of GRUELING poker to be told you must not play The next day and completely let a kid rest up and study up with all of his Internet nerd friends just isn't right.

“I complained that night And the next 12 hours about it but once again ruled against. its amazing how my voice is never heard. anyways I'm just complaining as always.

“I just can't deal with this loss I mean it took an act of GOD for me to lose this match I must have done something wrong for this to happen. I just will never understand why I get ruled against in EVERY single decision by the Wsop it's almost become comical when I am right EVERY single time and finally it cost me a bracelet.”

"As I can't sleep I sit here and can't stop thinking about how Robbed I was... I just realized I will never get over this."

The source of Cantu's unhappiness was that WSOP organisers waited an extra day to finish the heads up battle as Aguiar wanted to play the Main Event. Cantu felt that as a result his opponent was much fresher and well studied.

The stakes of the challenge match will be at least the difference between the first and second place prize money of the tournament, as confirmed by their Twitter interactions:

Brandon Cantu: @jonaguiar "I beg you to hold true to your word that you said on the live stream that you will play me heads up... I would like to play for at least the difference of first and second that was rightfully stolen of mine and I swear on a stack of bibles but I won't sell one penny off".

Jonathan Aguiar:@brandoncantu "i'll be in vegas for festa, 130k usd HUSNG booked."

Looks like this will shape up to be an interesting grudge match!

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