Brain Reading Headset to Revolutionise Poker?

Brain Reading Headset to Revolutionise Poker?

Monday, 2 March 2015

A new brainwave reading headset will help poker players become better at reading their own games according to an article in the Daily Star.

After hearing about a revolutionary new piece of technology that can read a person's emotions and assess their performance, the British newspaper decided to test out the claim by sending one of its reporters to WPT National London.

According to the developers, the headset is able to read the user's brain activity and outline whether they are frustrated or excited. This data can then be used to assess their performances during a session of poker and from this information they should be able to improve their skills.

After an hour of wearing the Emotiv headset, the Daily Star's John Ward found that he performed better when he was less excited and less frustrated.

Although that's not exactly anything revolutionary, a number of pros who witnessed the headset in action did suggest that it could be useful for eliminating tells. However, quite whether someone will be willing to sit with a series of electrodes attached to their head for long enough is another question.

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