Brad Pitt's $25,000 Poker Hand

Brad Pitt's $25,000 Poker Hand

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

According to a report by RadarOnline, Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt, reportedly lost $25,000 on a single hand of poker recently.

The star of such films as Fight Club, Snatch and Ocean's Eleven, was at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last week to promote his new film with James Franco when he decided to host an impromptu poker game.

Reports from a source close to RadarOnline suggest that Pitt got a little too caught up in the action and decided to add a prop bet to a particular hand. Telling his opponents they'd have to do a forfeit if they lost and that he'd pay $25,000 if he lost the hand, Pitt waiting in anticipation for the next deal.

Unfortunately, the poker gods didn't take too kindly to his antics and before he could even play a flop he'd mucked what he described as "the worse hand at the table." However, according to the source, the prop bet may have been a ruse designed to help Pitt's driver.

After learning that the man was putting his kids through college, Pitt seemed to throw the hand on purpose in an effort to help out. As yet Pitt hasn't confirmed or denied the story, but it would certainly make a fun scene in a movie if it were true.

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