Bozso Wins EUREKA Croatia

Bozso Wins EUREKA Croatia

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A swift final day in Dubrovnik saw 12 players whittled down to just one in the PokerStars EUREKA Croatia Main Event.

While the session started with Theodoros Aidonopoulos leading the pack, the Greek couldn’t continue his previous domination and eventually hit the rail in sixth place.

Having eliminated Aidonopoulos (Ac Qh) and Marek Uharcek (Ad Ks) in sixth and seventh respectively with pocket jacks, Georges Yazbeck looked a though he was going to scoop the title.

Indeed, as Alberta Fiorilla and Zoltan Gonczo fell away, Yazbeck held what appeared to be an unassailable chip lead.

However, in the finale’s defining moment, a Kd Jh Qd 7d Ah board prompted a flurry of bets which eventually saw Achilles Bozso moved all-in with the nut flush.

After tabling Ad 3d, Bozso was able to scoop the mammoth pot after Yazbeck showed a ten for a straight.

That pot gave Bozso almost all the chips in play and after Yazbeck hit the rail in third it didn’t take long for the chip leader to dispatch with Boris Kuzmanovic.

After gradually chipping away at Kuzmanovic, Bozso finally clinched the title when his pocket queens hit the unbeatable nuts on a Qc 6s Qs flop. The inconsequential turn and river couldn’t help Kuzmanovic’s 9c 7c and when the hand was over it was Bozso who was able to put his hands on the winner’s trophy and €59,100.

EUREKA Croatia Final Result:
1st. Achilles Bozso - 59,100
2nd. Boris Kuzmanovic - 48,200
3rd. Georges Yazbeck - €26,900
4th. Zoltan Gonczo - €19,700
5th.Alberta Fiorilla - €15,100
6th. Theodoros Aidonopoulos - €11,400
7th. Marek Uharcek - €8,900
8th.Robert Dobai - €6,500

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