Boyd’s Minimum Wage Job Hunt

Boyd’s Minimum Wage Job Hunt

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dutch Boyd was once one of the poker world’s brightest stars, crushing the game with a new style of poker that the old guard couldn’t get to grips with. A founder member of “The Crew”, Dutch, along with the likes of Scott Fischman and Brett Jungblut, definitely made a big impact on the tournament scene.

Indeed, during his time in the limelight Dutch took down two WSOP bracelets, the 2007 Doyle Brunson Classic (twice) and notched up a string of other big cashes. Overall in his poker career Dutch banked $2,122,906, but now it seems that’s he’s been forced to apply for minimum wage jobs.

After suffering at the hand of negative variance, coupled with a series of failed business venture – including PokerSpot – Dutch has been forced to re-enter the real world and get a job. However, while final table and chip tricks might earn you respect on the felt they don’t gain you any credit in the world of work.

After applying for a call centre job, Dutch was denied the position after failing to produce a High School diploma. In fairness to Dutch he had skipped High School because he was a gifted student and moved straight to open college, before completing his degree at aged 15. However, that just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore and, unfortunately for Dutch, the rules meant he couldn’t get the job.

Once an icon in the poker world, Dutch’s fall from grace is a stark message to those who think a few wins at the poker table can guarantee you success and security for life.

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