Borgata Chip Faker to be Sentenced

Borgata Chip Faker to be Sentenced

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The man who blocked the toilet and flooded the Harrah's Casino during last year's Borgata Winter Poker Open will not stand in front of a judge to face his crimes until March 30.

According to a report by PokerNews, Christian Lusardi was due to be sentenced for copyright infringement last week but the hearing has since been pushed back.

Although the reason for the delay isn't known, it is clear that Lusardi won't be charged for the crime the poker community knows him for: using counterfeit poker chips. During the opening event of last year's Borgata Winter Poker Open, Lusardi was arrested when he was caught trying to flush fake chips down the toilet inside a neighbouring Atlantic City venue, Harrah's.

When the system became blocked a few days later and water began to flood out of the bowl Lusardi was eventually arrested and taken to Atlantic Country Justice Facility. After a preliminary hearing, the US grinder entered a sealed plea and the charges connected to manufacturing fake poker chips were dropped.

However, the main reason Lusardi's chip antics were forgotten was in favour of federal charges relating to creating bootleg DVDs. It seems Lusardi is something of a do-it-yourself man when it comes to all manner of items.

Reports suggest he made around $1 million selling fake DVDs and since pleading guilty to two charges relation to copyright infringement, he will now be sentenced on March 30.

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