Booooooming brilliant giveaway from PokerStars

Booooooming brilliant giveaway from PokerStars

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Boom tables are a great way to boost your bankroll and PokerStars is giving players even more chances to cash in next week. Almost 1 million hands have shared by online via the site's Boom! Replayer and PokerStars is celebrating the milestone with cash giveaways.

Players can win 100 big blinds for free every day between October 22-28. To win the cash players need to take down pots with specific Team PokerStars Pro Hands of Day.

Monday, October 22: 8d8h
Tuesday, October 23: Ah4s
Wednesday, October 24: 7c5c
Thursday, October 25: 4h4d
Friday, October 26: Qd10c
Saturday, October 27: 7hKs
Sunday, October 28: 3d2d

Players will receive 100 big blinds relative to the stakes the hand was won on, but must be playing Real Money games on a ZOOM poker Hold’em table, before uploading their hand using BOOM! Hand Replayer.

For example, a player who wins a hand on a $1/$2 ZOOM table on Tuesday, October 23, with Ah-4s (David Williams' Hand of the Day) will win 100 x $2 within 24 hours of uploading the hand on BOOM!

Only hands won at ‘showdown’ will be eligible to win the 100 big blind prize and all players remaining in the hand must turn their cards over to determine who has the best hand. If a final bet or raise is not called, there is no showdown and the hand does not count.

New players can sign up at PokerStars with a first deposit of up to £400.

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