Boeken Banks MCOP Title

Boeken Banks MCOP Title

Monday, 18 November 2013

Dutch pro Noah Boeken took full advantage of his home advantage over the weekend after he took down the €4,000 Master Classics of Poker Main Event. The final session saw Clyde Terlaan lead a total of six native pros in the hunt for the title and as the action got underway that contingent conspired to eliminate Russia's Dmitry Nemirovsky.

With the elimination flood gates now open, the first Dutch player hit the rail. Having started with one of the shortest stacks, veteran Rob Hollink moved all-in with pocket queens and found himself in a classic race with Luuk Gieles.

After staring across at Ac Ks, Hollink was soon in trouble as the board ran out Ah 9d 2c Jh 3d. Now down to eight, Noah Boeken began to manoeuvre himself towards the top of the leaderboard as the like of Johan Verhagen, Charlie Combes and Andrew Chen made exits stage left.

At this point Sweden's Simon Persson joined Boeken at the head of the pack and by the time the remaining players had dispersed he found himself leading the way with 5.5 million chips.

However, that was soon cut as Boeken mounted an impressive comeback to inch himself ahead of his rival. Having secured the chip lead and with the rush of momentum behind him, Boeken finally secured the MCOP title after a flush on the river was enough to beat Persson's pair.

With the board reading Kd 9s 8c 8s Js, Boeken was quick to move all-in with As 3s on the river after a bold bet from Persson. That virtually secured Boeken the tournament and after a few more hands he was eventually pushed the final pot as well as the €306,821 top prize.

2013 MCOP Final Results:
1 Noah Boeken €306,821
2 Simon Persson €182,913
3 Clyde Terlaan €105,027
4 Luuk Gieles €83,786
5 Andrew Chen €71,985
6 Charlie Combes €59,004
7 Johan Verhagen €47,203
8 Rob Hollink €35,403
9 Dmitry Nemirovsky €23,602

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